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How to reach The Happy Hen Bed and breakfast in Sorrento coast

Little history of "The Happy Hen" b&b garden

The most pleasing compliment I've ever done is: How to look like your garden…
Why after over 20 years of trials of strength between us, 20 years in which I was not good to put the reins to my dreams and he never stopped teaching me patience, finally beginning to recognize in each other. And the beloved disorder, deliberately constructed, what my friend Salvatore appalled "the effect-jungle", is the image of disorder that is within my heart, remains restless and tumultuous regardless of age.
At the age of 30 years I decided it was time to finally groped to become what I wanted, a good daughter, good mother, good companion, and that would help me a garden, slow and patient building of a thing through which to write my story and my soul: I chose to live pretentiously the form of eternity that is to plant a garden.

La Gallina felice   La Gallina felice   La Gallina felice   La Gallina felice

So, was originally a portion of the old citrus grove of relevance of Villa Josephine, noble austere presence dating back to 1792, probably designed by Vanvitelli. Then… gust of wind, I touched him. Around 1985 I started to buy the first trees, with little money and lots of enthusiasm, having fun to try here and there unfamiliar essences, like Sequoia Gliptostroboides and Pawlonia Imperialis. The intent was to outline the English rooms, gardens, one inside the other; but the collector's passion knows no bounds nor rooms, and today I would say that, with few exceptions, have not been able to build the desired rooms of emotions, perhaps rather a sequence of pictures, often staggered in periods of maximum flowering.
Exception may perhaps be considered the maze of roses, designed in the colors of the sky at sunset, purple, yellow and orange, intended as a portrait of a gentle and joyful maturity, a sunset boulevard leading, while hiding some difficulty, at the beloved greenhouse of words, Green fell in place, full of my beloved books. This library, looking north on a field plots, where it makes a fine show a pond with lotuses and water lilies. The anxiety of the heart can survive a bit 'of time spent watching the carp play under the lily pads?

La Gallina felice   La Gallina felice   La Gallina felice   La Gallina felice

Hence, through small steps, stairs and twisted Mediterranean flowers, after the encounter with the spirit of the gardener dozing under a jasmine, you arrive at Serra Grande: I dreamed a greenhouse overrun with large leaves, very large, where they feel a bit Mignolina. So I planted Muse, Heliconie, several Philodendron, Tetrapanax Papyrifera, Alocasie e Colocasie… but then how to resist blooms of Petrea Volubilis, Passiflora Quadrangularis, Aristolochia Gigantea? No, resist temptation is not among my virtues, and then all together with passion… and, "just to appease the heart", a Budda of serenity from Burma smiles from the banks of the beautiful double waterfall fountain designed by Salvatore.
Who after this stream of chatter he still wants to come visit my garden, I have a last note: is striking my passion for blue in the garden, and is thread running through the garden where I come from a balcony where my mother grew calm her Iris Heavenly Blue, and the garden that maybe tomorrow I will be...