in a bed and breakfast garden

A garden available for your every event: wedding, holy communion, baptism, graduation party…!

Have you ever thought about getting married in a garden in Sorrento Coast?

Being original even on a traditional occasion like marriage…

Garden for wedding in Sorrento

In the garden of the b&b “La Gallina Felice” you can organize a wedding in the monumental greenhouse, or choose the gazebo of strelitzie, more ethnic taste, or a natural reception under the big trees… and why not, a big picnic on the lawns!

Sorrento bed and breakfast for garden lovers
Your wedding in a b&b garden
The Happy Hen garden for weddings
Wedding garden in Meta, Sorrento
Wedding garden in Sorrento Coast
Your wedding in Sorrento Coast
 Have you ever thought about getting married in Sorrento?
Sorrento wedding

If you want unconventional choices, we are here.

Our events are absolutely customizable, we are happy to leave you total freedom in the choice of catering…

We care that your event looks just like you …

The Happy Hen wedding garden
Wedding in Sorrento Coast
A garden in Sorrento for your wedding

Have you ever thought about getting married in a garden?

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